PLAKINGER Galina PLAKINGER Svetlana Ziggel 



PLAKINGER is a fashion label whose collections are produced in limited quantities with the most luxurious and exquisite fabrics. The silhouettes, cuts and details bring together feminine classics and elements of traditional men tailoring. The PLAKINGER look is effortlessly chic, appealing to elegant and confident women. Galina Plakinger and Svetlana Ziggel founded PLAKINGER in order to realize their idea of modern and unpretentiously luxurious fashion. 


Did Marie Antoinette ever consider wearing a pantsuit? It could definitely have been the strong and contemporary cut, all red with two-tone uniform lapels. Or would she rather have picked a structured double-breasted cut, head-to-toe in an optimistic pastel blue with a hidden hint of red piping? Maybe she would have chosen the structured cut, all black pantsuit with the golden silk jacquard details.

Romantic and strong uniform elements demonstrate stability and self-confidence in times of tension and insecurity and have been key elements that have inspired our PLAKINGER Autumn Winter 2015 collection. 

As in our previous collections we have started with a pantsuit, and finally ended up with three. All were inspired by modern fairy tale uniforms, merging fantasy aesthetics like golden piping, two-tone combinations, gold embossed buttons with strong and structured cuts, as tailoring experience and passion for a perfect fit are PLAKINGER's strongest assets. 

For the first time we have chosen red. Two red colors are featured in the collection, going from a vibrant to a bloody red to illustrate the dualism of the collection - strength and romanticism. Such romanticism is playfully expressed in feminine and body conscious silhouettes. We created a most beautiful neck design which is covered but elongated to accentuate the waist. Floral silk jacquard fabric and floral appliqués create a soft look and a partially see through lace allows a subtle glimpse on the feminine body. 

This season, we fell in love with the multicolored dots tweed, the mysterious black lace and the textured deep purple mohair wool.



The pantsuit is the starting point of every PLAKINGER collection. Strong, menswear inspired, with timeless details and confident. The perfectly tailored blazer is the all-time master piece of our collections that we complement with softening feminine silhouettes to create the essential PLAKINGER look.

 Spring Summer 2015 has been crafted around the tuxedo blazer, the formal evening menswear, with its classic elegance and extroverted omnipresence. The PLAKINGER interpretation features a feminine cut made from a shiny linen and silk blend to define our vision of the modern elegant, sensual and powerful woman, who effortlessly mixes feminine and masculine.

 The sailorman esthetics, with its romantic, vivid, dynamic and strong elements was our inspiration for the Spring Summer 2015 season.